Staff Restructure Bootcamp For Church Leaders


Learn everything you need to know—how to approach it, what to do, what NOT to do—about restructuring a church staff team, and get equipped with the roadmap, tools and practical skills to get started right away.

Staffing and structure is one of the most common issues getting churches stuck in this season.

And we know it's not easy to approach a topic like "organizational restructuring" in a ministry context, with people we love and care about. But are you:

Spending too much of your budget on staff?

Unsure that you have the right people in the right roles?

Lacking enough volunteers, because your staff aren’t wired as leaders?

Losing leaders because they aren't being developed or given opportunities to lead?

Over the span of a decade, we've helped over 600 churches solve the complexity of their staffing and structure and find greater ministry effectiveness on the other side. When you join us for this half-day virtual Staff Restructure Bootcamp for Church Leaders, you'll walk away with a proven process for restructuring staff effectively, with all the nuances that make doing this in a ministry context unique.

Presented by The Unstuck Group's...

Amy Anderson

Tony Morgan

Discover the staffing structure that aligns your team with your church vision.

Lead the right-sized team with the right people in the right roles. 


Here's what you'll learn from Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson:

How to align your team around your strategy.
The structure you need to accomplish your strategy.
How to find the right people for your team.
Best practices for church staffing size, budget, and more.
Next steps for how to implement change on your staff team.