Meet Some Unstuck Churches


These encouraging stories are from some of the wonderful pastors and churches we've had a chance to serve. None would say they've "arrived," but they're all getting unstuck.

Reviews - The Unstuck Group

Finding Momentum and Health

"Staff is healthier. We're continuing to make a greater impact. The number of people that we've had come to faith is up over 180%. As a ministry, we're more innovative and creative as missionaries to reach our culture."

Derwin Gray

Transformation Church

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The Unstuck Group serves churches with fewer than 200 in average attendance to more than 20,000 and everything in between.


"The best two days of strategic planning I've ever done. Clear, helpful and practical, we did what I thought would take us months (create a new vision) in just two days. Impressive."

Carey Nieuwhof

Connexus Church


"What a two-day experience for The Crossing! I strongly believe the overall experience with The Unstuck Group is a defining moment for us. The traction gained because of the collective process is HUGE."

Tim Celek

The Crossing Church

Six months after engaging our team for church consulting, 9 out of 10 pastors recommend us to another church-because they are seeing real results.

The Unstuck Group helped reverse our plateau.

"We found ourselves at a place where we knew something wasn't quite right but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. We didn't want to wait until we got really stuck."

David McQueen

Beltway Park Church

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"The talks around communication, decision making and staff structure were so defining and helpful that we now know they may have saved our second location a painful experience or possibly even not making it. It's going really well and our processes in these areas are actually working."

Shayne O'Brien

Rockpointe Church


"Our big question was how does multisite impact the staff and how we lead together, relate to each other, and make ministry decisions going forward. Our #1 win for the strategic planning process is that we were given the right tools, to make the right decisions, at the right times!"

Jim Johnson

Preston Trail Community Church


"Our lack of a clearly defined system of operating for our campuses was causing frustration at both the central and campus level. Now people don't just see a dream-they see a path to achieving those dreams with God's help."

Toby Slough

Cross Timbers Community Church

  • Our church had grown, but we hit a plateau and couldn't get past it.

    "It felt like banging our heads against the wall. We had problems, but we couldn't see them. The Unstuck Group led us to concrete action steps and helped us discover what to do as a team."

    Anthony Craver

    Upward Christian Fellowship

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  • The Unstuck Team was there for us at key junctures even after the planning process.

    "We asked Tony and The Unstuck Group to lead us as an entire diocese through a strategic planning process. It was an extraordinary process and for me as a leader, it was transformational."

    Marianne Budde

    Episcopal Diocese Bishop, Washington D.C.

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  • Out of the blue we got a call from a church asking us to adopt them.

    "Unstuck helped teams of leaders from both churches work through all the details and put together a plan on how best to become a multisite church."

    Zach Thompson

    Calvary Lutheran Church

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