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Insights, observations and trends for church leaders.
Benchmarks in church growth and health from The Unstuck Group's work serving hundreds of churches across North America each year.
Practical advice to help you lead your church towards sustained health.
front door and connections featured image

Metrics & Benchmarks for Your Front Door and Connections – Episode 221 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 24, 2021
featured image staffing and salary

How Much Should We Pay Our Church Staff? – Episode 220 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 17, 2021
andy stanley divided church interview

Andy Stanley on How to Lead a Divided Church – Episode 219 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 10, 2021
giving trends 2021

2021 Church Giving Trends (and How to Encourage Generosity) – Episode 218 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 3, 2021
churches insider focused

Why Churches Become Insider-Focused (and How to Fix It) – Episode 202 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

July 14, 2021
plan for future in uncertain times

How to Plan for the Future in Uncertain Times – Episode 179 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

February 3, 2021

How to Develop a High Impact Church Staff – Episode 130 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

January 29, 2021
key roles of church board

5 Key Roles of an Effective Church Board – Episode 169 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 18, 2020
podcast unstuck plugs 131

3 Strategies for Connecting New People to Faith & Church – Episode 161 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

September 23, 2020
gears leadership featured

Pastors: 4 Roles to Prioritize Right Now – Episode 143 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

April 29, 2020
church budget

Budgeting to Thrive with Chris Hodges – Episode 123 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

December 11, 2019
financial planning

Strategic Financial Planning with Jill Mutimer – Episode 122 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

December 4, 2019
money management

Money Management for Churches with Dan Dorner – Episode 121 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 27, 2019
Funding Ministry

Funding Ministry with Joe Park – Episode 120 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

November 20, 2019
worst practices connecting new guests

4 Worst Practices for Connecting with New Guests – Episode 78 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

January 30, 2019

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