Multisite Church Best Practices


Search the web for best practices for leading a multisite church and you may get the sense that there are many ways to do multisite effectively.


Predictable Outcomes for Multisite Churches

One church meeting in multiple locations is not new.

It began in Acts 2 with the church of Jerusalem meeting in many locations. The one church-multiple locations concept has seen many expressions throughout church history as church leaders adapted to changing cultural realities and leveraged technological advances.

COVID-19 did not change the multisite trends we were already seeing pre-pandemic, but rather, it accelerated them.

In a world of decreasing in-person attendance and a shift towards hybrid ministry, how can multisite churches thrive in the new normal?

Our team has 100+ years of combined experience leading in multisite churches and learning best practices. We've found there are increasingly some predictable outcomes to the different models and approaches churches take to launching campuses.

The Future of Multisite.

The events during the pandemic left church leaders asking questions about the future of multisite and mergers.

Churches who truly made the paradigm shift pre-COVID from a mono-site, main campus-centric mindset to a mission-driven, community-centric mindset are well-positioned for what's next.

Get the "Future of Multisite" video series by Jim Tomberlin, Multisite and Merger Strategist, with videos on:

Multisite is the new normal
Mergers are the new normal
Hybrid ministry is the new normal

Multisite Strategy

Multisite Leadership

Multisite Models, Staffing & Structure

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Multisite Strategy


For multisite to really work, everyone has to be on the same page about why the church is engaging this strategy.

Differing team members will likely have different purposes and expectations for the expansion initially. Getting on the same page early in this process sets the entire team up to be aligned and unified. Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction, and that means the strategy has to be really clear.

We found ourselves at a place where we knew something wasn't quite right but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. We didn't want to wait until we got really stuck.

David McQueen

Beltway Park Church

Multisite Leadership

As your church moves from a single location to more and more campuses, leaders continually face new challenges.

Their roles change and evolve. Developing and empowering more leaders becomes even more essential. How you communicate, how you make decisions, and how you report within the new structure-If there was any crack of confusion before, those issues become tremendous gaps once going multisite. You'll be managing tensions that didn't exist before.

Multisite Models, Staffing & Structure

One of the most fundamental decisions within a multisite strategy is the teaching model, which necessarily impacts the overall ministry model.

It determines how vision and culture will be established at every campus, what kind of leaders you need to hire, and how you'll structure the team to support the ministry strategy.

Our Multisite Consultants can help get your church unstuck.


"The best two days of strategic planning I've ever done. Clear, helpful and practical, we did what I thought would take us months (create a new vision) in just two days. Impressive."

Carey Nieuwhof

Connexus Church


"Staff is healthier. We're continuing to make a greater impact. The number of people that we've had come to faith is up over 180%. As a ministry, we're more innovative and creative as missionaries to reach our culture."

Derwin Gray

Transformation Church


"What a two-day experience for The Crossing! I strongly believe the overall experience with The Unstuck Group is a defining moment for us. The traction gained because of the collective process is HUGE."

Tim Celek

The Crossing Church

The culture of your launch team can set the tone for the culture of your entire campus.

Prepared, equipped and vision-driven teams create a contagious atmosphere of joy and excellence. It's extremely important to launch with a specific purpose and strategy for your ministry team and volunteers.

Prepared, equipped and vision-driven teams create a contagious atmosphere of joy and excellence. It's extremely important to launch with a specific purpose and strategy for your ministry team and volunteers.

We can guide you through the process of clarifying your organization-wide ministry strategy, and how it can be replicated effectively across campuses. See how our multisite consulting process works.

We'd love to share more about what we're learning works in healthy, expanding multisite churches. Would you like to start a conversation?